Flexible machine clamping system

While waiting for Bitraf‘s new Shopbot to make its way across the Atlantic ocean, I busied myself upgrading the Bitraf workshop. We’d managed to get all the parts for the new workbenches milled out before Jens Dyvik moved his Shopbot to Fellesverkstedet, but we still needed a system for holding our small machines safely in place. I briefly […]

Set pieces, decorations and booths for a web conference

For the 2014 edition of Webdagene, Netlife Research‘s annual web conference, I made quite a few different things. The picture above shows a partial selection of the stuff I built: Sponsor stalls built from standard Euro pallets, a top plate and some standard boards and planks. I made 9 of these, in varying sizes and configurations (signs were painted […]

Modular exhibition stand

I made a modular exhibition stand system. It’s highly flexible and can be used for building display, storage and seating facilities. It’s sturdy, requires no tools for assembly and uses no hard-to-find spare parts. And it looks good, too (he said, modestly)! The concept, which was thought up by the great guys at Ren Reklame (Norwegian website) when Oikos wanted […]

Milling insulation foam

A while ago, I milled out a set of large letters for Ingrid Solvik. They would spell out BANK over a large doorway in a commercial she was working on. Since they’d need some handling and mounting in a somewhat difficult location, she wanted them done in foam. More specifically: insulation foam, as this was easy […]

Leap Motion full hand gesture

After figuring out how to handle the Leap Motion’s light sensitivity issues, I started producing the actual code for my finn.no app. The app functionality specification was rather simple: swipe a hand left or right to navigate backwards or forwards through a slideshow, respectively. Digging into the Leap Motion’s Unity3D API, I began to suspect the built-in gesture functionality wouldn’t be […]