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Set pieces, decorations and booths for a web conference

For the 2014 edition of Webdagene, Netlife Research‘s annual web conference, I made quite a few different things. The picture above shows a partial selection of the stuff I built: Sponsor stalls built from standard Euro pallets, a top plate and some standard boards and planks. I made 9 of these, in varying sizes and configurations (signs were painted […]

Modular exhibition stand

I made a modular exhibition stand system. It’s highly flexible and can be used for building display, storage and seating facilities. It’s sturdy, requires no tools for assembly and uses no hard-to-find spare parts. And it looks good, too (he said, modestly)! The concept, which was thought up by the great guys at Ren Reklame (Norwegian website) when Oikos wanted […]

Milling insulation foam

A while ago, I milled out a set of large letters for Ingrid Solvik. They would spell out BANK over a large doorway in a commercial she was working on. Since they’d need some handling and mounting in a somewhat difficult location, she wanted them done in foam. More specifically: insulation foam, as this was easy […]